Prophet's Offline Mode

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Prophet's Offline Mode

Post by admin » Sat Mar 10, 2018 1:35 pm

Prophet's Offline Mode

Prophet’s Offline Mode can be used if you know that you’ll have your PC, but no Internet connection, such on a flight. It can’t be used if you suddenly lose your Internet connection. It needs to be prepared while you do have Internet access.

Add to Available Offline List:
To save items to your offline list, right-click one or more Opportunities, Contacts or Companies, and select
“Add to Available Offline list”.
Tall 1.png
Note that standard Windows features allow you to select multiple rows, and select or deselect individual rows.

To select multiple rows, select the first row.
Hold shift and select the last row.
Hold shift and use the arrow keys to continue the selections up or down.
Hold shift and drag the mouse up or down.

To select or deselect rows, hold Ctrl and click.

To select all rows in a view, right click and click Select all.

You can see the number selected in Prophet’s status area at the bottom, (5 selected) in this screenshot.
Shelly Inbox 1.png
Prophet allows you to select up to 1,000 of each individual item, Companies, Contacts and Opportunities. Also, when you select Opportunities, Prophet will include the Company and Contacts associated with it. You don’t need to select them separately.

Switch to Work Offline:
Note that once you switch, changes you make will not be seen by other Prophet users, nor will you see any of theirs, until you switch back Online.
Only the records that you have selected will be available.
While in Offline mode, you can create new Opportunities, Contacts or Companies.

After selecting the item(s) you want available offline, click the drop-down arrow on Prophet’s Tools button, and click "Work Offline".
Tools Work Offline.png
Prophet will show how many items are to be synchronized. Click “Continue.”
Prophet Offline.png
Prophet Offline.png (6.59 KiB) Viewed 352 times
Prophet Offline.png
Prophet Offline.png (6.59 KiB) Viewed 352 times
Prophet will transfer that data offline.
Those Records will then be added to your Offline Record View:
Offline Records Contact man.png
Offline Records Opp Man.png
Offline Records Company Man.png
Switch Back to Online Mode
Once you have an Internet connection again, click the dropdown arrow on Prophet Tools button and click "Go Online".
Switch Back to Online Mode.png
Prophet will send data back to server.
Send Data Back to the server.png
Please note that your original list of selections is not saved. After you Go Online, if you want to Work Offline again, you’ll need to re-select your Companies, Contacts and Opportunities.

If you're still having issues after that you'll need to setup a support ticket by clicking HERE or call us: +1.800.399.8980

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