How do I create a custom report in Prophet?

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How do I create a custom report in Prophet?

Post by admin » Tue Mar 20, 2018 9:00 am

How do I create a custom report in Prophet?
Our Report Wizard walks you through the process of selecting the query criteria for a new report and selecting the fields you wish to include in your new report. You can also edit an existing report to alter these criteria once the report is create by selecting a report and clicking the “Edit” button. The Report Designer allows you to customize the display format of the report.

Tips & Tricks
  • If you are reporting primarily on opportunity data, select a report category of “Opportunity.”
  • A very popular report is the sales activity report, which shows all sales related activities associated with each opportunity. A canned version of this report is found under the report category of “Pipeline Forecast.”
NOTE: Once you edit a report and change the underlying query criteria and/or fields, you will LOSE any edits you made to the format of the report in the Report Designer. Therefore, it is very important to get your criteria set correctly before customizing the output format of the report.

Creating a Custom Report
  1. In the Report Manager, click on the Wizard button to launch the New Report Wizard Step 1 of 3 dialog.
  2. Select a Report Category from the drop-down list. Each category will give you a different type of report.
    Account Sales – Generates reports on Opportunities with the Sales Status of Won.
    Company – Generates reports on your company records.
    Contacts – Generates reports on your contact records.
    Opportunity – Reports on all Opportunities (Opportunities with any Sales Status).
    Pipeline Forecast – Generates reports on Opportunities with the Sales Status of Active.
    Products – Generates reports on your products and/or services, including those associated with Opportunities.
    Won Loss – Generates reports on Opportunities with the Sales Status of Won or Lost.
  3. Select the department you will be reporting on. If you are only using one department in Prophet, select that department.
  4. Enter a report name, which must be unique.
  5. Clicking Next will open the New Report Wizard Step 2 of 3 dialog.
  6. Enter a report title. This can be the same as the name of the report entered in the previous step or different.
  7. Select the data fields that you’d like to include in your report. To add them, either double-click the data fields of your choice, or highlight each and use the right-pointing arrow to add them to the Report Fields window.
    The order the fields appear in the Report Fields window determines the placement from left to right on your report. Reorder the fields by highlighting a field and moving it with the up or down arrows.
  8. You can view the layout of the report by clicking the Preview button. A Preview Report window opens and it can be enlarged to view the layout of your report.
  9. Close the Preview window, and make any modifications to the report by adding or deleting report fields or changing the report title on Step 2 of 3, or click Back to change the report name or category in Step 1 or 3.
  10. If you are satisfied, click Next to open Step 3 of 3.

    * Some report categories have fields that can be summed (i.e. Sales Revenue and Recur/Other Revenue); if you have included either of those fields in your report, you can select one or both field(s) and move them with the arrow to the Summary Fields window.
    * You can still go back to previous Steps and modify your report, or click Finish.
    * A dialog will ask if you want to open your report in the Designer for additional modifications.
You have now created a report template and it will be available to run. To view your report

If you're still having issues after that you'll need to setup a support ticket by clicking HERE

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