How Do I Setup Mail Chimp?

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How Do I Setup Mail Chimp?

Post by admin » Tue Jul 10, 2018 7:15 am

How Do I Setup Mail Chimp?

The Prophet to MailChimp integration allows a Prophet user to select specific records through the Prophet Contact, Company, or Opportunity Manager and EXPORT these records to a specified MailChimp list for email marketing purposes. This export is uni-directional and will only contain the contact email address, first name, last name, and Prophet record ID. For each Prophet record exported, Prophet will update that record with a time-stamped activity note documenting which list in MailChimp that records was exported to.
Invalid records missing key data elements will be automatically omitted from the export.

  1. Update your registry settings to activate the MailChimp integration (one time).
  2. Set up your list name and field definitions in MailChimp (one time per MailChimp list).
  3. Generate your MailChimp API key and enter it into Prophet (one time).
  4. Select the records to import from Prophet to MailChimp in Prophet’s GridView and export to MailChimp (each
    time to export from Prophet to MailChimp).
Step 1: Update your registry for MailChimp Integration
  1. Download the following zip file:
    (323 Bytes) Downloaded 31 times
    (323 Bytes) Downloaded 31 times
  2. Extract and run the .REG file in the zip downloaded above
Step 2: Setup Your List in MailChimp
Next, you need to configure the list in MailChimp you will be sending Prophet contacts to. You can set up different lists for different campaigns. However, each list only needs to be set up once. Once configured, you can import records from Prophet to this list as many times as you need to.
  1. Click on “Lists” on the top navigation bar.
  2. Click on the “Create List” button on the top right.
  3. A “New list or groups” dialogue appears. Click on “Create List”.
  4. Enter the details regarding your new list and click “Save” at the bottom of the form once complete.
  5. Next, from the “Settings” menu on the list page, select “List field and *[MERGE]* tags”.
  6. The integration will export four fields: Set the field labels and tags for Email Address, First Name, and Last Name as shown below. Click “Add A Field” to create a new field for Prophet ID and set the label and tag as shown below. Then click “Save Changes”.
Step 3: Generate API Key
Like Steps 1 & 2, this step only needs to be performed once. This step will allow Propeht to communicate with MailChimp and define the field mapping table between Prophet and MailChimp.
  1. Click on your login icon on the top right navigation bar, and then select “Account”.
  2. 2. From the next screen that appears, click “Extras”, then select “API keys”.
  3. From the “Your API Keys” screen, click “Create A Key”. The new key will appear in the list on this page. Highlight
    and copy this key.
  4. Go to Prophet client on your local PC (i.e. click on Opportunity Manager).
    • From the “Tools” icon on the top navigation bar, select “Prophet Administrator”.
    • Select the “MailChimp” tab.
    • Paste the API key you copied from MailChimp into the “Enter API Key” field.
    • Enter First Name, Last Name and ProphetID field names exactly as they were set up in MailChimp.
    • Click the “Save” button.
Step 4: Select Records to Import
  1. From the Contact, Company, or Opportunity Manager in Prophet, load a view with the records you want to export to MailChimp.
  2. Highlight the records in the view you wish to export to MailChimp.
    • You can select all the records by scrolling to the bottom of the view, positioning the cursor over the last
      record, holding down the “Shift” key, and clicking on the last record.
    • You can select continuous groups of records by going to the first record you wish to export and clicking on it, then scrolling to the last record you wish to export, positioning the cursor over that record, holding down the “Shift” key, and clicking on that record.
    • You can select multiple individual records by clicking on the record while holding down the “Ctrl” key.
    Records highlighted in blue are selected for export.
  3. Once your selection is set, right click in the blue area and select “Send to MailChimp”list, then select the MailChimp list you are sending the records to.
  4. A dialogue will appear confirming how many records with valid data will be exported to the selected list.
    Confirm the upload by clicking “Yes”.
  5. The upload will then show process progress bar as records are uploaded to your MailChimp list. Once complete, you will see the following verification:
  6. You will now find the uploaded records in your MailChimp list. Also note that the Prophet record you exported the contact information to MailChimp from is now UPDATED with a date and time stamped activity noting the record was exported to MailChimp, and which MailChimp list it was exported to.
If you're still having issues after that you'll need to setup a support ticket by clicking HERE or call us: +1.800.399.8980

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